About Us

B.B. Food Produce Co., Ltd. Has been established in 2005 as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) by a skilled and experienced team. We derived from one of a major fish sauce manufacturer of the country.

Later, we realized that one single line cannot make the company grow up then we initative to fully expand – integrated food business specializing in seasoning. Nowadays, we produce a wide range of product under brand “Mr. BEAM.” such as fish sauce, seasoning sauce, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, chili sauce, oyster sauce etc. And OEM under customers’ requirement. We also get the certificates from Government Agencies such as GMP and HACCP from The Department of Fisheries and from Food and Drug Administration as well as Halal from The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.

In 2010, the company has been approved the GMP (CODEX), HACCP and ISO 22000,2005 from Global Group Company and BRC from Moody International.

As the company policies are to continually develop a new product, to maintain the quality and to offer a reasonable price that make the company grow up every year. As now we produce not less than 20 tons per day and the company has customer base in several countries in Asia, Europe, America, Canada and Australia. We also have a plan to modernize the factory to reach the international standard and a plan to set up the new factory to support the capacity that increase every year.

“We hope that our dedication to product and to customers’ need well satisfied and confident our customers forever.” 

Our Certificates